California Needs UBI

Do you support Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Michael Loebs–the California National Party’s candidate for governor–is currently the only candidate on the recall ballot who supports UBI 100%.

Several state experiments prove the benefits of UBI. In Stockton a UBI give-away produced “life changing” results in recipients; the Los Angeles Times claims they became “healthier [with] less depression and anxiety and enhanced well-being.” Oakland and San Francisco mayors are launching UBI programs soon, but – what about the gubernatorial candidates?

If UBI is your priority, a deal-maker, your choice for governor needs to be Michael Loebs.

The California National Party wants every Californian to receive $500 monthly, regardless of income level, plus we propose a negative income tax, to lift people out of poverty. Wages up to $40,000 a year will be untaxed, and people earning less would get half the difference between $40,000 and their annual income from wages. For example, a person earning $24,000 a year would receive a refund of $8,000 (half of $40,000 – $24,000), one earning $14,000 would receive $13,000, and a Californian without income would receive $20,000. This would provide food, housing, and other basic needs to every Californian.

Only Michael Loebs, the California National Party’s candidate for governor, supports this necessary reform. Vote for Michael Loebs in the upcoming recall election, and please donate here: