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First Issue of “The Grizzly” !

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “The Grizzly”.  This is a new publication that is interested in the concept of Independence for California. I have noticed ever since the independence movement has ramped up in California, a lot of misinformation has been … Read More

2017 Convention in San Francisco

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Margo Drgos, Acting Press Secretary California National Party 310-849-5857 Margo.Drgos@CaliforniaNational.Party Click here to register for the Convention. California National Party to Hold August Convention SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 11, 2017)  –  The California National Party has scheduled its … Read More

Visit CNP at Politicon

The unconventional political convention July 29 & 30 | Pasadena Convention Center CNP will host a table in the Democracy Village exhibitor space all weekend. Stop by to chat, pick up some literature, change your voter registration, make a donation, … Read More

California is different and Trump’s election proves it

Telam, an Argentinian magazine, interviews Jay Rooney on the CNP and our path to independence.  Note that the article is in Spanish, the excerpt below was translated.  http://www.telam.com.ar/notas/201702/180488-california-independencia-partido-nacional-trump-migracion-jay-rooney.html “…for every dollar that Californians pay in taxes, they get about 78 … Read More

A Successful Path to a Peaceful Secession

IndependentCalifornia.net looks at the key elements of peaceful independence movements: http://independentcalifornia.net/portfolio-item/a-successful-path-to-a-peaceful-secession/ Robert young, a professor of political science, wrote an interesting paper about how peaceful secessions happen. In it, he analyzes various secessions from the past and theorized that the … Read More

Californians use SNP independence plan in bid to break away from USA

by Greg Russell, Journalist / @MediaNetScot http://www.thenational.scot/politics/15023349.Californians_use_SNP_independence_plan_in_bid_to_break_away_from_USA/ THE independence-seeking California National Party (CNP) is basing its strategy on that used by the SNP in the 2014 referendum campaign as it works to become a recognized party with its own place on … Read More

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