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Of War and Peace

It’s clearly stated in the introduction to the California National Party platform: “The CNP is committed to working – through peaceful and democratic means – toward a legally binding referendum on independence.” The italics are mine, for emphasis. Five words … Read More

Think of an Independent California

It’s easy to look at  the results of this past election with a real and grim sense of foreboding.  America has voted in the worst sort of incompetent to ever occupy the Oval Office. Any thinking person with moderate intelligence … Read More

California’s Education Crisis

Coastal elite. For anyone not familiar with the conservative lingo, it is a term often accompanied by accusations of being intellectually antagonistic. This term is slung around like an insult, although like most Californians, it’s a mantle I take no … Read More

Divine Dissatisfaction and Audacious Faith

A special guest blog: At times the quest for a free, independent and prosperous California nation may seem a quixotic one. The tides we swim against are entrenched and powerful. On this day that marks the memory of one of … Read More

A World Worth Fighting For

“Imagine a world worth living in, a world worth fighting for.” ― Leslie Feinberg I first met the legendary transgender activist Les Feinberg in the late nineties. I was in my twenties, presenting as male, and living the life of leaden … Read More

Budgeting Morality

In 1940, the great Californian writer, John Steinbeck, made what may be the best argument for California’s independence: Some time ago a congress of honest men refused an appropriation of several hundreds of millions of dollars to feed our people. … Read More

California Independence is for All Californians

In the wake of the 2016 election, both the California National Party and its call for independence (#freethebear) have picked up a lot of momentum. This leads to the impression that the movement is just an overreaction, a pushback over the … Read More

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