CNP Statement on Trump Inauguration

Today, America inaugurated a far-right reality TV star with not a single day of governing experience to his credit.  Frighteningly, outside of California (where he lost 2-1) Trump actually won the support of the majority of American voters. This election has further illuminated the stark difference in values between Californians and Americans.

While we are immensely saddened by today’s inauguration, the resistance that is already building across California and the world inspires us. Women in particular are threatened by this new administration and have responded accordingly. The California National Party (CNP) believes that women’s rights are human rights and are non-negotiable. They must never be used as bargaining chips or held hostage by political trends. The CNP is proud to endorse tomorrow’s Women’s Marches and encourages all our members to attend. We are also strongly in support of the United Against Hate rallies happening today, and all other peaceful expressions of dissent against the bigotry of this new American administration.

California is the heart and soul of the resistance. According to the latest Hoover Institution Golden State Poll, 25-27% now agree with our stance that the best path forward is independence.  That’s up from the last poll in November that showed 22% support, and represents a total of more than 10 million people. As Mr. Trump would put it, we now have an “unpresidented” opportunity to build the movement for an independent California—and we intend to seize it.

An independent California will provide universal healthcare, instead of gutting the ACA and abandoning millions of people in favor of for-profit plans. We will invest in renewables and sustainable power, and move to a post-carbon economy instead of pushing offshore drilling. We will protect the rights of women and offer a common-sense approach to immigration reform, instead of tearing apart families by deporting people and building walls. An independent California will be a wealthier, healthier, happier, and better place to live and for our children to inherit by virtually every measure. That’s the prize. That’s what we’re fighting for. It’s not just our disgust at Trump’s bigotry. It’s the fact that California could do so much better if we had the freedom to set our own course.

Please donate now  to the California National Party. We are 100% funded at the grassroots level by those who want to help realize the vision of a diverse, progressive, productive, and independent California.

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Please also join the marches and rallies today and over the weekend to show the world that a better California is possible and that we are determined to build it together.

To meet up with us at this weekend’s marches:

Sacramento: On the south steps of the Capital building at 9am

Oakland/ East Bay: Meet at Lincoln Square (2 blocks from the March rally point) at 9:45 am. We will march together to the main rally point from there.

San Francisco: Meet at the Equestrian Statue near civic center:

Orange County: Our OC team will be attending the larger LA march. We will be meting at 7:15-7:30am and parking our cars at a large (860 spaces), free parking lot located at Willow St station of the Blue Line Metro in Long Beach. Address: 2750 American Ave., Long Beach, 90806

Cost for the train ride is $1.75 each way.

We will be disembarking at the 7th St./Metro Center in LA which is about 4 blocks from Pershing Square.

LA: Meet at the CNP’s booth at Pershing Square. It’s booth 17. Meet at 9 for the march. We will be staffing the booth 9-4, so folks can drop by all day.

Printable fliers and signs:

1-page CNP statement flier for Woman’s march:
Printable sign for Woman’s march:

Business-card size flier for woman’s march

CNP 10 points flier: Working For California Independence

Bilingual “About the CNP” flier: Working together for California’s Independence

Postcard sized CNP flier
flyer preview