Black Lives Matter in California

2016 has been a racially-charged marathon! Too many ethnic groups have been the target of institutional racism in a rigged system. Black people feel oppressed, Latino people feel unwanted, and Muslims are being used as scapegoats for the real problems. Movements … Read More

Louis Marinelli

The leadership of the California National Party would like to thank Louis Marinelli for his years of hard work on behalf of the Californian independence movement.  His optimism and energy for the cause of Californian independence will be missed. Like … Read More

A stronger future for California

The California National Party believes it is necessary to peacefully and constitutionally liberate ourselves from the United States empire. California’s  needs are ignored by Washington D.C. in favor of a few swing states whose votes actually matter, effectively leaving Democratic, … Read More

Perspectives on the American Election

The CNP is not endorsing any candidate in the 2016 US Presidential election.  We believe that the United States federal system is deeply broken and the only solution for California is independence and the ability to elect our own national … Read More

Buying the farm

California ranks first among states in agriculture, with nearly $45B in agricultural sales, roughly 11% of the country’s total (roughly equivalent to French production).  Strangely enough, California ranks 12th in receiving farm subsidies and receives a scant 3.4% of the … Read More

Solving California’s Homelessness Problem

California is the world leader in technology and innovation, yet we have the most people living without shelter in the United States. This is completely unacceptable and must end. Before you dismiss us for demanding more “entitlements”, consider that numerous … Read More

CNP Statement on walkout of RNC delegates

The recent walkout of the Colorado delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland underlines the sad state of American politics. The National Republican party’s continued lack of respect for the rule of law is appalling.  The GOP’s national leadership repeatedly … Read More


On June 13 I left the Democratic Party and joined the California National Party. Since then, I have been learning about independence movements across the United States, however, there is a shortage of material on the subject. This series of … Read More

CNP statement on Police reform

The California National Party is horrified at the ongoing specter of violence against citizens by police within the United States, as well as the recent shooting of officers in Dallas. The time for platitudes has passed, we need real solutions. … Read More

Posters and materials (old live)

POSTERS AND MATERIALS Business card-size flier Printable sign for 2019 Women’s March CNP statement flier for 2019 Women’s March Business-card size flier for 2019 Women’s March CNP 10 points flier Map/Flag Poster English/Spanish Flyer Tax w/o rep flyer B&W PDF | … Read More

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